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METAD produces its own specialty coffee grades 1 and 2 beans, as set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We also buy coffee from nearby farmers through our out-growers program. Our current farm is located in fertile Oromia regional state, approximately 477 kilometers south of Addis Ababa. We are also pursuing farms in other areas around Ethiopia. For buyers interested in other Ethiopian varietals, METAD will connect buyers with high-quality traceable coffee beans from other superior coffee growing regions of Ethiopia.

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Seventy five kilometers beyond Yirgacheffe, deep in the heart of some of Ethiopia’s best coffee country, our 200 hectare Hambela farm includes a washing station, dry mill, drying beds, a large warehouse and guest bungalows. We also have a washing station and dry mill in the nearby village of Gedeb, Gedio zone. Altogether, we employ 28 permanent staff and 700 seasonal staff, 70% or more of which are women, and partner with more than 700 out growers to provide best practices on growing, harvesting and selling coffee.

We welcome visitors to the farm! Guest bungalows are available for buyers who’d like to come and experience the farm first-hand. We invite you to stay with us and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the delicious coffee, and the delightful company of our employees and farmers.

METAD has adopted a school of more than 400 students in Hambela. We have provided school uniforms to the students, purchased benches and tables, and supplemented the teachers’ salaries in order to encourage retention. METAD is currently working with several of our buyers to drill a well for the school and the community. To find out more or participate, contact us.

What sets METAD apart?
  • Commitment to Quality. METAD’s strict quality control protocols are applied to every phase of the coffee production process, from seedling to farming, harvesting, processing, roasting and exporting, to our retail consumer brands, Kabu and Hambela coffees.
  • On-Time Delivery & Follow-Through. METAD always ships the coffee you sampled. We respect our customers’ schedules and commitments, and pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, selling practices and on-time delivery.
  • High-Standard Wet and Dry Processing Systems. METAD’s modern and controlled wet (eco-friendly Penagos) and dry processing systems keep the focus on quality. In addition to raised drying beds, we have warehouses on location at our farm sites in Hambela and Gedeb (Gedio Zone).
  • Modern Sampling and Testing Facilities. As a service to buyers, METAD’s SCAA-certified Coffee Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art coffee tasting technology and serves as a training site for domestic and international coffee professionals and is available for use to our international buyers.
  • Environmental & Community Consciousness. METAD wants to make our community happier and healthier, and we pride ourselves on implementing ethically, environmentally and socially responsible practices across our company. We are at the forefront in utilizing environmental protection methods in relation to coffee wastewater disposal in the wet processing stage to avoid ground or surface water pollution. To maintain our commitment to sustainability, we employ modern farming techniques such as apiculture (for crop pollination) and intercropping (to maximize and rejuvenate land resources). A portion of all profits is reinvested back into the community through educational and health related initiatives.


From seed to cup, high quality products and unsurpassed customer service are at the core of our company.


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